Services Offered:


  • Extract - gather data from multiple data sources.
  • Transform - morph datasets from Extract stage.
  • Load - data migration of Transformed data.

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Data Analysis

Descriptive Analysis
  • Report WHAT occurred.

  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Assess WHY the events occurred.

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Attempts To predict WHEN the events may happen.

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    Database Management Systems

  • Advisory services on suitable database technology

  • Databases:
  • RDBMS as per Web Development
  • MongoDB - a NoSQL database system:
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    RDBMS - Relational Database Management System

    Extract ,Transform Load (ETL)

    As can be inferred from the above image ETL covers the collation, processing and storage of information from a variety of data sources or formats.

    Our extensive experience and knowledge, combined with our creative nature, positions us to be an asset, in any of your data migration challenges.

    Data Analysis

    Our data analysis toolkit utilizes contemporary software tools & techniques.

    Programming/Software Tools used:

    Structured Query Language (SQL)

    Database Management Systems

    Databases - a repository for different forms of data (structured , semi-structured & unstructured), forms the bedrock of most organization's or personal Information Systems (IS).

    We provide a comprehensive service, whereby we use suitable business analysis techniques, to advise on building of new database systems, as well as the diagnostics of existing data repositories and advise budget friendly solutions.

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